School Uniform

Altus School Uniform

All students will be provided with an Altus School polo shirt and jumper to wear in school.  If families require more than one, they are able to purchase additional items from the school, or online: My Clothing School Uniform 

The school’s dress code means that:

-          Primary aged students should wear appropriate school trousers (black or grey), along with an Altus               School jumper/polo shirt.

For KS3 and KS4 students:

-          Sportswear (e.g. jogging bottoms) can be worn

-          Denim can be worn; trousers should not have rips above the knees

-          Footwear must be safe for a school environment – no sliders, flip flops, heels or slippers

-          Shorts, dresses and skirts should be an appropriate length for a school environment

Where students are not required to wear an Altus School top:

-          Any tops should have sleeves/thick straps and cover the torso

-          There should be no offensive or inappropriate slogans or images visible on clothing

No hats or hoods should not be worn inside the Altus School buildings.