Aims, Vision & Values

The Altus School aims to provide a personalised learning experience in an inclusive environment that recognises all members of the community as equals. We work with all of our young people to develop the key skills required to be successful. We believe that equipping them with resilience, respect and the ability to manage their emotions will enable them to be successful in any classroom or wider social environment.

We want our young people to:

  • be positive role models
  • have ambition and aspirations
  • be proud of themselves
  • develop lifelong learning skills
  • be able to ask for and accept help
  • be able to represent themselves positively
  • identify risk and make positive choices to keep themselves safe
  • be well physically and emotionally
  • recognise their own strengths, achievements and be able to accept praise
  • feel safe to make mistakes
  • be able to plan for the future.