Intent and Vision Statement

Vision statement

‘A successful learning community that grows together and provides an inclusive and personalised education for all our pupils’.

Intent Statement

Our holistic curriculum has one main purpose, to re-engage and inspire pupils to have a love of learning to enable them to access the next phase of their education. The curriculum is broad, balanced, relevant and challenging. We aim to reconnect pupils with the learning process and ignite a lifelong love of learning, based on a positive, caring, relationships-based pedagogy and quality first teaching.

The intent of our curriculum is to:

Be engaging and relevant

Pupils are supported to re-engage in their own learning, develop a love and confidence in learning, gain qualifications, and embrace options for their next steps. Staff plan and identify “essential knowledge” in their subject areas and plan and deliver a knowledge rich curriculum whilst identifying gaps in knowledge and/or learning needs.

Be progressive

Academic, social and emotional and personal progress is paramount to the overall success of learners. We set challenging targets and have high expectations of pupil achievement. There will be evidence of matched learning, effective feedback and deliberate practice and the application of concepts and learning. Staff are also trained in emotion coaching, enabling them to support pupils as they are challenged, learn from failures and celebrate success.

Be enriching

Enrichment is a key element of the curriculum supporting academic learning and providing pupils with opportunities and life experiences outside of the classroom broadening their horizons and aspirations for their futures.